Plant history

The history of the plant “Elektroizolit” is directly related to the national electrification plan (GOELRO).

Its implementation urged for the accelerated development of heavy industry, the creation of a number of new industries and types of production.

The critical one among them is the development of electrical and power engineering, involving the creation and production of new electrical insulating materials. The decision on the construction of a specialized plant of electrical insulating materials was adoRTed by the Council of Labor and Defense in 1936, and in 1938 the plant started its activities.

Over the years, the plant “Elektroizolit” has grown into the largest diversified company in the electrical industry. The main products of the plant are electrical insulating materials and insulation systems. They are widely used and are known not only in Russia but abroad as well for being high-quality materials for the power industry, electrical engineering and cable industry.

Along with electrical insulating materials, the company produces unsaturated polyester resins, which are widely used in the construction and manufacture of fiberglass structures.

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