Brief history of the plant

Electrification development rate gathered pace in the 1930s. The need for an enterprise producing electrical insulating materials was obvious as a lot of such products were imported from abroad.

  As early as at the end of 1938 a plant, still being in the process of construction, produced its first products. Following long research and experiments, collaborative work of technical services and scientists, production based on domestic raw materials was put on track; this produced not only savings, but also eliminated  to a great extent dependence on foreign electrical insulating materials production.

  Despite the onset of the beginning of the Great Patriotic War production of aviafilm in the construction of planes was begun and output of finished products was increased five-fold.

Beginning with the 50s, new workshops were opened at the plant, the product range was expanded, and new production technologies developed by talented plant workers were implemented.

   In 1975 the decision was taken to build the production facility with universal equipment, flexible technological schemes, high level of mechanization and with an automatic control system for the technical process. Electroizolit PJSC became the largest producer of electrical insulating materials.

The participation of our company in international exhibitions increases its renown abroad. In 1995 Electroizolit PJSC won a number of prizes in Spain, France, and the USA.

The plant today.

The products manufactured for industrial solutions:

Railways – compounds, lacquers, enamels, laminated plastics, tapes, varnished insulating fabrics. Electroizolit developed an insulation system, which has been successfully implemented at Zheldorremmash facilities, enabling an increase in service life of rolling stock.

Cable industry – Enamels for wire-enameling. We are the only facility producing wire enamels in the Russian Federation.

Shipbuilding – non-saturated polyester resins. Our resins have been included in the marine register and can be found in shipbuilding and ship-repair operations throughout the Russian Federation.

Turbine and water-turbine generator sets – laminated plastics, compounds, semi-conductive materials. We have long standing relationships with all turbine generator unit manufacturers in Russia. The semi-conductive material we developed for this designation is unique to the Russian Federation.

Electrical engineering - laminated plastics, compounds, lacquers, enamels, varnished fabrics. Our plant's products are widely used in construction and repair of PSPs (pumped storage plants).

Transformers – EIM components. We cooperate with all leading transformer manufacturers (Siemens) and produce components based on customer's drawings.

Plane-building – laminated plastics, varnished fabrics. Electroizolit PJSC takes part in the manufacturing of new types of planes and helicopters. Our material has proven to be the highest quality product on the market and is considered to be the best in the industry.

Space industry – laminated plastics. We have a long standing relationship with EAC (Energy Aerospace Corporation); the materials manufactured by our plant are used in high temperature conditions and are of a good thermal endurance classification.

 There are two production facilities at the plant: Production No.1 - electrical insulating materials, resins, enamels, compounds and sealing compounds; Production No.2 - components made of electrical insulating materials and rolled products; laminated plastics, varnished insulating fabrics, varnished glass fabrics, prepregs; composite materials based on mica, mica paper, polymer films, cardboard, profile fiberglass.

Our partners stretch from Vladivostok to Kaliningrad. Our convenient geographical location allows us to supply materials throughout all regions of Russia within the shortest delivery times. Electroizolit PJSC has a thriving export business in the provision of materials to CIS, neighbouring and distant states.


  Our plans:

Metal-clad dielectrics.

 Import substitution industrialization in radio electronics is a key target for Russian industry. In response to the growing demand of Russian enterprises, Electroizolit PJSC in 2017 renewed the production of metal-clad fiber-glass plastic for printed circuit board manufacturing; the volumes are expected to reach 566 tons by 2021.

 low-tonnage chemical products.

At present Electroizolit has an annual capacity of 10 thousand tons in the production of low-tonnage chemical products. Our new developments have become widespread in the shipbuilding industry. Out plants are forecast to be used at 100% capacity to satisfy the needs of Russian market. 


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